Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Tshirt choke from mount

This is a really easy choke to do, and probably on of the easiest ways to end a fight if the rules allow it. I learned this from my own coach Matt Thornton who calls it a "rat choke". Not because it has anything to do with a rat but because giving it a name seemed to be the only way people to remembered it :-D

I start out in mount and crossgrab inside my opponents tshirt pretty low down towards the mat.

Now I wanna pull it up as high as possible. It helps if you "shake" it a little.

From here, I reach under his head with my free arm.

And use my right hand to feed the tshirt to my left hand. I have to grip next to my right hand thumb to get this tight.

Now I just sit up and straighten my left arm out to do the choke. I have never seen people not tapping on this unles their tshirt ripped, but if they don't, you got a great position for striking here.

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