Monday, January 8, 2007

Takedown when opponent is standing

This is a very high percentage move for me, and one of my favorites. Use it all the time. It's a takedown combination when you are sitting and your opponent is standing.

Ok so we start out where I am sitting and my opponent is standing (trying to keep his pants up wtf? :-D). I am sitting with my left arm behind me and my right knee pulled to my chest. This make movement and standing up much easier for me.

I hook one leg just to make sure he doesn't step back with it.

I lay down a little on my side to grab his heel.

Notice how I grab it without the thumb and with my hand touching the mat. These details makes the takedown much easier.

I now move my butt to his foot hand place my right foot by his left hip and my left foot behind his right knee.

My toes must point away from away from his body in this case.

From here the takedown is easy. Just push and pull.

When I land I wanna sit up with my left hand. Notice I keep my left foot behind his knee. If he was allowed to kick this would block it.

It's important that I don't let go of his foot, otherwise he will be able to stand up as well and we will end up in a neutral position.

From here I lift my butt off the mat.

Then pull my left leg out under myself.

And I have reversed the position.

One way he can defend is if he steps back with his right leg (kind of a horse stance defense :-D).

In this case I have to turn my body a little to the side and place my left foot in his hip instead. I place my right leg between his.

In one motion, I push him straight backwards with my left leg as I kick my right leg in behind his right knee at the same time.

Sit up...

And you will most likely end up in his guard.

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james said...

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