Monday, January 15, 2007

Marcelo Garcias armdrag

I have been studying the videos of Marcelo Garcia doing his awesome armdrag takedown a lot lately. After I have played with it in the gym, this has in no time become my number one takedown. Probably the easiest I have come around for quite a while.

I thought of doing a little tutorial on how I execute the move, but I think that these videos with Marcelo himself are so good and inspirational, that I won't try to copy him.


Quentin said...

Hey Christian,

In case you have never seen this clip before, I would like to share it with you and others who see this:

It's 4 matches no gi grappling. Marcelo wins all 4 by using his armdrag. (into single leg, onto the back, from stand up, guard, all kinds of stuff)

Quentin said...

I just realized he uses a half guard set up into back mount in his first match, no armdrag. My mistake. still enough armdrag in there to relate to your original post, though!