Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Keylock position mount attack combination

Attack combination we came up with in class today using the inquiry method. We were working on the armbar from mount and ran into the classic problem when the opponent just locks his arms tight not allowing you to get up under his elbows to setup the armbar. This is what we came up with to counter that.

I start off in the mounted position and. My opponent locks his hands together and keeps his elbows tight to prevent me from getting the armbar.

I wriggle my left forearm in under his fists to lift them up. By lifting my elbow a little I can kind of use my arm as a crowbar and it is easy to lift his fists just enough without need of using power.

When I've created a little space, I insert my right arm and grab his shoulder.

Now I must immediately put my weight on his right arm so he can't just rotate it free. Also I lean to my left and has my left arm ready to post in case he would try to bridge me over here. My right foot is aware of not getting caught so I can post with it.

Ok next three pics is one quick motion. I have split it up so you can see the details.

First I straighten my right arm and put all my weight on it. Again, without using too much power, this will force his fists to move to his right side of the body.

I then put my left hand on his right forearm by his shoulder.

And finally control his arm with both my hands. Important here that my arms are stretched and I curve my back to put all my weight on them.

Now he probably rolls to his side because he thinks the keylock is coming and wanna get his elbow under himself. That is what I want him to do. When he is up on his side, I pull my left heel up in his armpit for the sidemount position which I keep as thight as possible to prevent him from rolling back towards me.

If he doesn't roll away from you, try go for the keylock or do something else :)

Now, initially I don't want him to roll any further, so I stop that by controlling his bottom elbow with my left hand.

This is the position I am working from. From here I have several options, I'll go through them one at a time.

First thing is obvious. If he grabs his right hand with his left to defend the keylock, I underhook his left arm with my left and grab my shoulder.

Then swing my leg over his head.

And finish the armbar.

Sometimes his left elbow is too close to his ribcage to hook that arm, so I can try something else.

I reach under his head with my right arm and grab his collar.

Then grab the pants by the knee.

Lean back and tighten the gi choke.

If he rolls away from you when you try to do this - no problem, just roll with him one round, it's really easy and you will end up in the exact same position.

Last thing I can do is taking the back. This can be done in two ways.

With my right hand I reach under his head and grab his left wrist.

I keep my grip on his right elbow, then hold him tight to me and roll back towards my left side.

My left foot will be "pointing out" and I aim to triangle that with my right leg right away.

When I got the back I will immediately go for on of two things.

Either the harness position.

Or sink my left arm in under his chin (the grip on his left wrist will make space for that for a second).

Then close in the rear naked choke.

So the other way to take his back is like this. I let go of his bottom elbow to bait him into rolling away from me.

As soon as he starts to roll, I put my right hand out on the floor to keep my weight on the mat and not him. That makes it easier for me to move "light".

With my left hand I grab his left wrist, then insert my right hook (the left one is already there) and I got the back.

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