Monday, January 8, 2007

Attacks from backmount position using the gi

Different basic gi chokes plus an armbar setup from the backmount position.

Starting out by me having the back of my opponent.

First I try to get the regular rear naked choke. I slide one arm under my opponents chin to set it up

He knows what I'm up to, so he is defending by controlling my right arm so I can't lock it in.

So instead I reach behind my neck with my left hand and use my head and left arm to apply pressure for the choke. One arm RNC! :)

Next one. I am holding having my opponents back again.

I use my left hand to turn and grab my opponents near collar. Turning it makes it easier to grip.

I pull down the collar with my right hand and feed it to my left hand with which I grab high.

I now put my left hand behind his neck and there you have the submission.

Here is another common choke I can do when I have the collar grip as above. This time I throw my right leg over my opponents hips.

I grab his pants by the knee.

Turn to the side and apply this very effective choke.

If he won't tap, I can switch to an armbar. I let go of the pants and grab his arm instead.

Throw my left leg over his head.

And apply the armbar.

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