Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Basic armbar from mount

Just a basic way to take the armbar from mount. There is a thousand ways to do this and this is the way I personally find most easy to do and teach.

I am starting of in the mounted position.

This is the grip I wanna get to set up the armbar. My left hand reach under my opponents left forearm and grab his tricep. I place my right hand on his face to turn his head to his right. Both things is to assure he doesn't turn into me and gets his elbow to the floor.

Now I pull him up on his side and turn my body so I am in a 90 degree angle to him. I sit up with my left heel tight into his armpit and my right knee placed just behind his head. It is very important that I keep this position tight by pulling my heel toward myself and sitting down on my opponent.

Here comes the part many beginners find difficult. To swing the leg over. In the beginning people feel their leg is too heavy to swing fluidly over the head. The key to do this right is to put all my weight on my opponents face with my right hand, that makes my leg light.

In one motion I swing my leg over and sit back. I want my right foot to land just next to my left first time it touches the mat again. It is important that my foot arrives before my butt hits the mat.

When I have swung my leg over, I let go of his head with my right hand (not before!). Then I thighten up my position by pulling by heels towards myself, squeezing my knees together and digging the toes into the mat.

I control his arm by the wrist, making sure that his thumb points away from my chest (towards the ceiling) then SLOWLY raise my hip for the armbar. Using all my hip, leg and back power against his elbow joint makes a perfect submission.

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