Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Sidechoke from backmount escape

Here is another old series I have shot with my friend Kári. Sidechoke counter when opponent tries to roll out of the backmount position.

Start with the backmount, with the over/under grip (or harness as it's often called).

A common escape from the backmount is to fall to your side, and then using the floor to keep your opponent in place while you circle to face him (ending up in guard). If your opponent tries this, and falls to the side shown in the picture, then this is one possible counter.

As he starts turning into you, you put your left foot on the floor, taking the hook out, and throw your left arm over his arm to set up the sidechoke.

Doing this with the right timing, you should be able to pull your right foot from under him and securing the sidechoke grip.

From there simply finish the sidechoke whichever way you prefer. I prefer this method, but trying to maintain a 90° angle with his body and to keep my weight lower then in this pic.

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