Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Alternative armbar from cross sides

A kind of different way to take the armbar from cross sides that I came up with.

Ok this is a move that I have been playing a little with lately. I came up with it a few weeks ago and have been pulling it off in sparring almost every class so for me it works quite well. If you try it and have any input / improvements, please let me know!!

I don't have pics of it so here is a videoclip where I pull it off a couple of times during some light sparring with one of my students.

It might look a little sloppy and without the details but I was just playing around with it so please don't mind :)

1) From cross sides (or reverse kneeride) I switch my hips so I am in the position where I would normally mount from.

2) I distract my opponent by making him (her :)) think I am gonna mount (or kill the near side arm). Then I take the kimura grip on her arm. This is easiest if the opponent tries to turn into me a little.

3) From there I keep the grip, make a little distance, then spin all the way around my opponents head for the armbar.

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