Saturday, January 13, 2007

Cardio made simple. No running included!!

This is a very simple cardio programme I used for my MMA fight and which I am gonna use for the guys in my class who are fighting amateur MMA and Submission Wrestling February 3rd here in Copenhagen.

The cool thing about it is, that it does not include running :) It is only heavybag work, but you could virtually do anything that gets your pulse up running. I did this every morning for 1,5 months for my MMA fight and I got in the shape of my life (cardio wise). Also, I lost 8 kilos and got a sixpack out of it :-D

Here is the deal:

In every work period, you have to work on the heavybag AS HARD AS POSSIBLE. You must do everything you can to get your pulse up as high as possible. Kicking, striking, knees, elbows, whatever it takes to work as hard as possible. No breaks, you go 110% untill the time is up.

In every rest period, you need to get your breath back, relax, get your pulse down, while at the same time moving around a little. So don't just lie down on the mat. Instead walk around slowly and do some very very light shadowboxing while at the same time relaxing as much as possible. It is like an active rest.

The workout itself is as follows:


Round one
15 seconds of work
15 seconds of rest

Repeat round 10 times (total of 15 x 2 x 10 = 300 seconds)

Rest for 10-12 minutes to get the pulse completely down.

Round two
30 seconds of work
30 seconds of rest

Repeat round 10 times (total of 30 x 2 x 10 = 600 seconds)


So the total worktime is 900 seconds = 15 minutes. Don't be fooled. Even though it doesn't sound like much, it is REALLY though. It you give it everything you have in the workperiods, this will skyrocket your cardio in no time.

Now go play!

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