Monday, January 8, 2007

Striking from mount

A striking combination from mount setting up a really good position to finish the fight.

I start out in mount. First thing is to get a good base so he doesn't sweep me. Knees together, toes touching eachother and all my weight is on the floor.

Instead of just starting to strike, I wanna give him something to think about while I'm pounding him. So I get a good tight grip on his throat. Now he has to both defend this and worry about the strikes. Makes it easier for me to pick my shots.

He can basically defend the "choke" in two ways. He can either grab my hand...

...and pull it away from his throat.

If he does that, I immediately switch my grip and grab his throat with my other hand while I start striking again. I can just keep doing this a many times as he pulls my hand off.

The second thing he can do is to push my hand away. This is my clue to improve my position.

As soon as he push my hand away, I wanna catch his arm with my chest while keeping my base with my arms. For training I wanna practice just holding his arm as long as possible while he tries to get it out. For fighting I only need it for a few seconds.

Now I work my left arm under his head and grab his wrist.

I sit up with my right leg and pull my heel into me to hold him thigh between my legs. This position makes it easier for me to keep my balance and also I can pull him up on his side so it's even more difficult for him to reach and defend with his free arm.

For grappling I would normally try and take the back from this position, but for striking I prefer to push down his free arm...

Then use my shin to hold it to the floor. This can be very painful for him and it also prevents him from rolling to his hands and knees. My left foot is placed away from his body for added balance. No chance for him pulling guard in that side. The position I now have is probably one of the best for striking on the ground. Look evil and hit him in the face :)

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