Saturday, December 27, 2008

The A-B-C of defending the double under pass

Thanks to everyone who voted on the poll for what videos you think I should do next. There was an overwhelming interest in guard defense, so I have started to plan out a handful of tutorials on this subject.

First one is my take on how to defend the double under pass, which is a very common and basic guardpass. Basically, I have three plans of defense when people try to use this pass, which I explain about in the video. I hope you don't mind I mumble a bit in the video and also is quite pale - I had a TERRIBLE hangover when shooting it LOL

Next video is already shot (universal guard defense tactics - or some other name like that haha) but I need some more sparring footage with it before I release it. Will make some next week!

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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Reached 200 flighthours & 2008 recap.

So I finally made it to the first 200 flighthours out of the planned 1000. Damn it is gonna take a long time to get there! :D However, when I think about it, 200 full hours of sparring is quite a lot, and when I look back on the sparring videos I have uploaded here along the way, I see a very big improvement in my game during the period. Technique-wise, I haven't changed a lot. 80% of the moves I use are still the same, but what has really improved is my timing, setups and ability to "read" the game when I roll.

This is really one of the most fantastic things about Jiu Jitsu. I often talk to beginners who are frustrated about rolling because they feel "blind" to what is going on. They can't recognize positions, see the holes or predict what is going to happen. This is one thing, that I really feel has been my biggest improvement over the last year or so. The amount of information that is being processed in my head during sparring is growing bigger and bigger, and I can't stop being amazed about how the brain can analyze more and more details in such a complex thing as live wrestling. I enjoy every single minute of training Jiu Jitsu more than ever, and I am glad I have this beautiful sport in my life.

This year has been amazing trainingwise. I have improved a lot myself, but even more important is, that the team has really grown to a whole new level. I have so many skilled guys available to spar and train with, no matter if I wanna do BJJ, wrestling, MMA or Muay Thai. All the time, new talents are joining in, and I can't wait to guide them to many great experiences through combat sports.

I have high hopes for 2009. We are going to expand the gym with double matspace, boxing ring, cage and everything else we have been dreaming about. A lot of our guys are looking at competing. Some guys are going to fight for the first time, and some guys are planning on moving up to professional MMA, so I will be very busy coaching all of them together with the rest of the instructors. My BJJ kids are looking really promising as we have a lot of talent and enthusiasm on the team at the moment. I expect them to demolish any competition they might face by the end of this year. I better hurry up tapping them out before they grow to my own size in a few years! :)

As far as the blog goes, I have a lot of new videos coming up, both instructionals and sparring. I have had a minor shoulder injury for the last few weeks, so I have not been able to finish them, but they are on the drawing board and will be online soon, so check back often :)

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Poll closes at January 5th :)