Saturday, January 13, 2007

My MMA fight

I have fought a single professional MMA fight in my carreer. It was back in December 2003. The very first fight in the very first European Vale Tudo show.

Fighting was generally a good experience. Training for the fight was really hard, did an hour of Muay Thai sparring every morning with MMA gloves and a cardio programme after that. I didn't really train much groundfighting for the fight, which was kind of ironic given the outcome of the fight. I guess I already felt comfortable on the ground and I just needed to get used to the feeling of getting punched in the face. And I did :) After all that sparring I couldn't care less when somebody hit me in training, it was pretty cool although it resultet in that I could not eat much more than youghurt for the last few weeks up to the fight because my jaw hurt so much :-D

During the takedown in the fight, I injured my shoulder badly. It wasn't till the second I stepped out of the cage that I actually felt it was very bad. I was out from training in 6 months after the fight, could only do guard defense with no hands. No lifting weights, which sucked, because I had lost almost 8 kilos for the fight and weighed only 74 kilos. I was one skinny kid LOL :) It took me over 1,5 years before I could do benchpress motion with a little resistance again. Fucking sucked. If I knew it would've happend, I would never have fought. And I didn't even get hit in the fight, how ironic is that!

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Unknown said...

Wow that was a really cool match. Didn't look like your opponent had much ground experience(if any). Anyway really nice GnP, followed by a great armbar. Short but entertaining match.