Monday, July 14, 2008

Pump ze guns!

Last weekend, we held the annual gym summerparty. We had a barbeque on the beach and the weather was perfect.

It was also time for the finale of another tradition we have in the gym: The Gun Festival. Basically it is a competition about who can increase the size of their arms most in two months. There is always a lot of hype and trashtalking going on in the gym for those two months as we all pump our guns intensively to win the competition.

Last year I won with an increase of 7.7% and this year I made it to 11.16%. However, this was not enough to win the competition, as one of the other guys increased impressive 11.59%. So I had to give up the throne and now I must listen to him the next year until I can win back the title.

Here is a little highlight in superslow that I made with my new camera:

As always, our gym parties always ends up with a lot of challenge matches, also known as "Happy Grappling". Here is one of mine against our local powerhouse Rasmus "Rhino" Keller: (Don't mind the shirt with a picture of him naked, it is a long story lol)

Ok, I promise next post will be more serious :D