Monday, January 8, 2007

Hydraulic mount escape

Good basic escape from mount position.

Ok this escape requires that your opponent does not have his hooks in when mounted on you. So either you "manually" open his hooks (like on the picture), or you are aware of them opening for a short period of time, e.g. if you're trying to do some other escape. Anyways, when his hooks are not in, secure them for a moment with your ancles like on the picture.

Put your hands on your opponents hips.

Now explosively lift your opponent as high as possible using your HIPS. This is NOT a benchpress, the hips must do all the work.

Now stretch your arms out. If they are just a little bend it will be much more difficult to stabilize. Hold your opponent like this for just a splitsecond before...

...pulling your knees in under his legs.

And you end up with him in your butterfly guard.

Sometimes you only get one knee in and end up in halfguard. Other times your opponent falls to the side and you can get to your knees. Whatever happens, it was an escape :)

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Waynemperry said...

Very cool. So simple and so much more fun to read than do the work I'm meant to be doing. Thank you.