Monday, January 8, 2007

Triangle from mount

I like to do this move if my opponent keeps his arms close when mounted (which he should). From the idea of "position over submission", this move is kind of a bad idea, but it's fairly high percentage so often I find it worth the risk of loosing the position. For training only, you would never worry about this anyways ofcourse :)

Ok I have mounted my opponent and I control his vrists.

I push one of his hands in behind my legs and hold it thight to his stomach.

I step over it.

I sit on his hand so he for a second can't pull it out, while it let go with my own and use it to pull up his head.

I insert my leg under his head.

I now switch my grip so I control with my left hand behind his elbow and my right hand grabs my shin (without the thumb).

I roll to my left side.

When I am about to have rolled all the way around, I have to make sure I put my right foot on my opponents left hip. This makes it possible for me to adjust my angle for the triangle before I close it in.

When I got the right angle, I close in the triangle and pull down his head for the tapout.

If he don't wanna tap, here is a little help. I pull my hip back just a little to make enough space for me to put my right foot under his left leg.

I sit up using my arms

And stretch him out for submission. Be very careful with this one!

If the guy knows what you are up to, sometimes he resists rolling all the way around with you. This is pretty smart because it prevents you from getting the right angle on the triangle. Here are a few ways to counter this though.

First one I keep my grip and place my right foot behind his back near my left knee.

I close in the reverse triangle and pull his head for an almost certain tapout. If he sits up from here, switch back to the normal triangle right away.

Second move I can do here is like this. First I close my feet and pull into me to thighten up. My left foot goes on top.

I now let go of my shin and then use both arms to control his.

I turn to my side so I now lie on left shoulder.

I put my right knee to the ground and my right foot hooks behind my opponents head.

I look up and push my hip slowly forward for the armbar.

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