Tuesday, October 16, 2007

BJJ intro old video

Just stumbled over this old clip on Google Video, that I produced about 3-4 years ago. It was made from the footage we shot for an "Introduction to BJJ" DVD we wanted to make for our students. The DVD was unfortunately never produced (lazy!), but this clip is still online. Pretty fun to watch, so much has happened in so few years :)

Friday, October 12, 2007

Some pictures from Studio X

I stumbled over kying418's thread on the NHB Gear Forum with photos from the Studio X training and found some pictures from the night I visited the gym. See if you can spot me!! :D

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Time to go home!

(I wrote this before I left for the airport tuesday evening, but didn't have the chance to post it untill now)

Last week here in New York has been super cool. My ankle has been really fucked up, but I have just kept training with it and thought I would take care of it when I get home. Right now I am waiting to go to the airport, and it really really hurts. But it has been worth it :)

Before we came to New York, we had the chance to go by a big tournament in Los Angeles. Here our friend Joe from Texas (who we met in Rigans gym) was fighting, as well as Andreh. It was interesting to see the tournament, but as always, there was just a loooot of waiting.

After we have come to New York, I have trained a few times in the Ronin gym, which has been really good. Yesterday was my last chance to get some good training, and I sure did. First I was in Ronin for a few hours, where Ryan Hall was visiting. Extremely talented grappler, and no wonder with all the energy and enthusiasm he puts into Jiu Jitsu. Very impressed, especially knowing he only trained for 3 years.

In the evening, I went to Marcelo's school to take a class. Marcelo himself was teaching, and it was a great experience to train with someone I respect so much for his skills in the sport. The people there were super nice and I was even recognized by a few because of this blog :D Unfortunately, I didn't get the chance to roll with Marcelo himself before the class was over, but just watching him spar was equally impressive. I will without a doubt come back to that gym next time I am in New York.

30 minutes till I am heading to the airport, so time to finish this off. It has been such a cool trip and I have gotten a lot of inspiration to take home to the gym. Not so much techniques, but more seeing how other people train, structure their class, have different styles of rolling etc.

Now it is time to go home, rest my foot, get some good danish food and start lifting weights again. I think I have lost some weight on this trip so I better get it back on again. When I get home it will be winter for many, many months, so nothing to do but switch off the brain, train and lift weights while waiting for summer to come :)

I would like to thank everyone I have met on this trip for making the experience even better. Christian Montes and Adam Blake the real Bruce Lees of New York City, Erik the maybe smallest male grappler in the world, Kerry who let us make a mess of her apartment for 3 weeks, Rigan Machado for all his help, the crazy people at Surf City Hostel, KimuraJoe and the Texas Crew, Andreh Anderson and Rey Diogo for their hospitality, Ryan Hall for kicking my ass, Marcelo Garcia for impressing me again this time IRL, everyone in the gyms I have visited, my best friend Søren and his girlfriend Kristin, Martin Kampmann for showing us Vegas nightlife, Christoffer "The Yeti" who I have travelled with and of course all the others I have forgotten right now.

The tournament in L.A.

Ronin Athletics

Teaching the Five Swords in Ronin

The five points of the Five Swords Topgame (now with The Five Katanas)

Impressive Empire State Building

Rolling with Ryan (now with gi patch censuring :D)

Christoffer, Erik, Christian, Adam and me