Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Attack combination using armdrag from the guard

This is an attack combination from guard starting with the armdrag which I use very often and find easy to pull off. The most important thing about this series is to understand the combinations. You will probably never just pull one of them off right away, but if you try one then switch to the other then switch again, you will most likely get one of them at some point. Key is to feel what energi he gives you to what you do and then counter that - play with it! :)

Starting out with my opponent in my guard.

I set up the armdrag by controlling his right wrist with my left hand and grabbing behind his tricep with my right.

I pull his arm all the way across my body.

As quickly as possible, I reach over his back and grab his armpit. With my right arm, I pull him to me as thight as possible. This is very important, as it prevents him from getting his right arm out and reach around my back to escape the position.

Ok so this is the position I need to set up my three attacks which all depends on, where he puts his weight.

First attack is a simple sweep. If his weight is centerd, this works, still it is not high percentage, especially not if you are shorter than your opponent. Anyways, if it doesn't work, it is great for setting up the other attacks.

First, I sit up with my right arm behind me. Remember to pull that left arm thightly towards you all the time or you'll loose the position easily.

Now what I wanna do is point my knee and kick it directly towards his left shoulder.

This will force him to fall over my left leg and roll.

And I will end up in mounted position.

This move will no work if he leans into me. In that case, try it then swith to one of the others below.

Second one, starting from the same position sitting up with my right hand.

Now I lift my butt off the mat.

Pull my left leg out so it is now a hook on his right leg.

Swings my right leg over and insert the hook to take the back.

This move will not work if he leans into me or holds on to my leg. In that case, try it once, then switch to one of the other moves.

Last one. I have the same position but my opponent is leaning into me to prevent me from kicking my knee over or taking the back.

I push into him for a while just to make him put as much as his weight in my direction. Then I quickly lay down and underhook his left leg with my right arm.

In one motion I start to take him over in the direction where he puts his weight. With the right timing this should be no effort at all.

I roll him all the way over.

And end up in mount.

This move will not work if he leans away from me. In that case, try kicking the knee over og take the back instead.

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Anonymous said...

I just listened to your interview on the fightworks pod cast. Thought i would take a look this is a great triple sequence..