Monday, January 8, 2007

Taking mount from cross sides 1

The "classical" way to get to mount from cross sides position.

I have cross sides position. Underhooking with my right arm and my left arm is under my opponents head, turning his face away from me using my shoulder. Right knee is blocking out his guard.

I switch my grips so my left arm is now over his head and and right arm is taking my left knees place, blocking out the guard.

I switch my hips and face his legs. My right leg is pretty far back to hold my balance if he tries to bridge me off.

My left knee now substitutes my right hands function in blocking the guard, so I now can use it to control his legs.

Keeping all my weight on the mat, I hook my right leg over his left.

When my hook is secured (no earlier, take your time!), I pull my weight over and take the mounted position.

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