Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Training with Augusto Ferrari

Last night, I had the pleasure of training with Augusto Ferrari, who dropped by my gym to do a little workshop. He was teaching 90 minutes no-gi and 90 minutes gi.

I really enjoyed the training and liked his game a lot. He was all about base and pressure. I especially liked his guardpassing game which was almost identical to what Martin Aedma showed me in Estonia. Crazy pressure and balance, it was impossible to sweep him in any direction.

Another thing I really liked, was how he opened up his game when he was sparring. Although I felt he could crush me anytime, he was rolling very light and fluid, giving me some openings here and there instead of just closing me down. Awesome sparring with a very impressive grappler.

I got a little video from the training. It is me in the first round of sparring. Unfortunately, it is a little out of focus, gotta blame the cameraman for that ;)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Eighties style montage video

Here is my latest video of my BJJ Junior Team in competition:

Check back soon, as I have tons of little projects for this blog going these days :)