Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Cross sides underhook escape counters

Three counters to the basic underhook for escaping cross sides position.

1) Killing the arm

We'll start out in the cross sides position where my opponent has not gotten the underhook yet.

I know he want to dig for the underhook if he gets the chance, so I will make a little space under my shoulder to bait him.

As soon as he has his hand in, I will pull myself really tight to him to trap it and there by kill that arm.

1) Diaper check

If he gets the underhook, I wanna make sure that he cannot get to his side to start escaping.

To prevent him from this, I grab between his leg for the "diaper check" and use this grip to flatten him on his back.

From here I can move my hand to his hip to kill his underhooking arm and start working for something.

3) Switching position

Now, if he gets the underhook and starts turning towards me, I can do this.

I overhook with my right arm and dig it in as deep as possible so I can place my right hand behind his neck. My palm is pointed away from him.

Now I grab his pants with my left arm.

And start to walk around.

I end up in cross sides on the opposite side, where - as a bonis - I have now killed his left arm.

4) Brabo choke

Last one was recently discussed a little on the forum, which inspired me to implement it in my game. He has the underhook again and starts to turn towards me.

I dig as deep as possible under his arm and under his head with my right arm. I wanna try and get my elbow to be under his neck. I turn my body a little towards his head to be able to reach more and with my left hand, I push his head in position.

I grab my left bicep and with my left hand I grab over his back. Then I walk a little around so I ensure he cannot cath me in his guard and squeeze for the submission.

It can put some extra pressure on his neck if I sprawl in this position.

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