Monday, January 8, 2007

Countering the scissor pass

This is how I normally counter the "scissor pass" (in lack of a better name). Often I can turn the defense into a triangle. I pulled this off perfectly at the Scandinavian Open BJJ 2004, and was seconds from tapping him with the triangle as the time ran out :)

Ok so my opponent is trying to do the scissor pass on me.

First thing I can do is to push his head away. This makes it very difficult for him to move his body the direction he want.

Now, I must break his grip on my right wrist. I do this with my left hand.

From here, I sit up on my right elbow.

Then tuck my head under myself.

And roll.

During the roll I keep control of his right arm. When I get all the way over, I immediately go for the triangle by hooking my right leg thight over his shoulder.

From here I work to close in the triangle choke.

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