Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Training with Martin Aedma and putting weight back on

Training here at home is going well. It is nice to train with all my usual training partners again, and I enjoy sharing some of the experiences I have gained on my trip. Next week, I am starting up my competition team project for the 2012 Europeans, something that I really enjoyed doing last year.

Martin Aedma from Estonia is visiting my gym these days, teaching all the BJJ classes for two weeks. You might have seen his ever popular "Estonian guardpasses from hell" or read his blog, but if not, I highly recommend you doing that. Unfortunately, he just got a knee injury, which prevents him from rolling. I had been looking forward to do some sparring with him while he was here, but that will have to wait :-/

I did lose a lot of weight during the last part of my trip, going all the way down to 74 kilos at one point. I am working hard to put it back on, so I can reach a good weight for competing in the middle weight division. It is going pretty well and I hit 79 kilos this morning already. What a difference it makes to have access to a good rythm of food and training facilities.


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