Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Good and bad start of the competition season

So, the the second season of my competition team project has begun. We are training five days a week and I am working very specifically with each participant on gameplans, weight planning, training and so on. We started the physical training program last week and it is going really well, putting a big team effort into getting in shape for the competitions of the coming fall. Lots of people have joined the team this year, 28 in total at the moment. All the guys from last year are on board and there is a ton of potential in the beginners who signed up for the first time.

Bad thing is, that I injured my shoulder saturday when lifting weights. It hurt a slight bit monday, so I thought I could do a few rounds of rolling. It felt fine until I got cold and today it still hurts really, really bad. I hope it is just a minor thing :-/

Since I couldn't join the workout monday, I had time to film it a little bit instead. I am still not sure about the team name, but "Madness" sounded relevant to the amount of work the guys will have to put in the training this year ;)


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