Sunday, September 23, 2007

UFC 76 live = AWESOME!

Went to Honda Center in Anaheim today to watch the UFC 76. What an experience! The place was packed, atmosphere amazing and best of all, the fights were awesome. Some of the best, technical grappling I have seen in MMA for a long time, it was pure beauty to watch. Especially Saraiva, Tavares, Sanchez and Fitch put on a beautiful grappling display. Occasionally I heard the "get up and fight like men" classic, but other than that, I enjoyed the fights very much.

Tomorrow, we are driving our Mustang to Venice, where I will meet and train with fellow Jiu Jitsu blogger Andreh. After that I am planning on meeting up with Rigan Machado, who recently taught a seminar in my gym, and hopefully do some training with him as well if I have any energy left :)

I don't wanna fill this blog with vacation photos, but here are two I took today:

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