Friday, September 28, 2007

Training, training, training!

Last few days since we came back from Vegas has been really intense trainingwise.

After a long tuesday night in Vegas, 4 hours of sleep and a 7 hour drive, we went straight to training in Rey Diogo's gym on Venice Boulevard. I had no energi at all, but managed to get some good rolls with people there. I also did some training with Rey, who is a really cool guy. He is often in Sweden, so I will invite him to Copenhagen next time.

Thursday I slept till 1pm, I was completely exhausted. We drove with Rigan to his gym in Hollywood where we had some really good training with a small group of about 8 people. After that we went to a release event with Rigan's brother John Machado. There was a boxing ring outdoors, where different martial arts did demo matches, it was pretty cool. I also met Mario Sperry there, I remember watching his instructionals when I first started training, so that was pretty fun.

Today we have trained two hours in Rigan's gym and about 1 hours in Rey's gym. Really good sparring both places. I had the pleasure of training with Chris Haueter, the guy who basically introduced me to Jiu Jitsu (he doesn't know though :D). It was his instructional tapes that got me started with my training, when me and my friend was watching them 7-8 years ago or so. It was a pleasure to train with him and we had some really good rolls. He is teaching a class monday night that I want to attend before we go back to New York tuesday.

So far, this trip has been really inspiring regarding Jiu Jitsu. I have met so many cool, friendly and skilled people here and it is awesome to get pushed so hard in training every time. Back home I know everyones game, so it is not as big of a challenge to roll, but here I really need to be working hard to succeed with every single technique I try.

The gym in Hollywood

Outdoor Martial Arts event

Getting crushed by the black belt troll of

Chris Haueter in Rigan's gym

Rolling with Chris

The chicks in L.A. are HOT!!! *OMFG*


Anonymous said...

Spændende læsning Christian, ser ud til at være nogle fede ture du får fyret af når du rejser! Kan se du møder nogle fascinerende piger....

Skriver på dansk for at være på tværs :)

Felipe Costa said...

Nice blog :)

Nicolas said...

Seems like a very nice trip mate. I'm looking forward to you getting home so you can teach all the new stuff you've learned :-P