Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Arrived in the states

Arrived here in New York last night and just woke up. We are staying at a friends place in Brooklyn, right by the Verrazano bridge.

Have not really been training up to this trip because of my foot, I wanted to be sure that it was ready for training over here. Right now it looks really good, so I can't wait to get started with the training. Gonna meet up with my friend Christian and train in his gym, Ronin, tonight.

I will probably make a seperate travel blog for this trip, but every training related thing that I will be writing about will be posted in this blog. I hope to get a lot of good training and inspiration while here!

Better look up Marcello's gym as well. Leaving for Los Angeles friday, so I probably won't make it to that gym before I get back here in NYC next week (tuesday).

This is a picture I took during my trip over here in 2005.

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