Monday, September 24, 2007

Andreh, Venice, Rigan

Today has been a great day. First, we went to Rey Diogo's gym to meet Andreh. As often when you share an interest with someone, you tend to get along really easy, and this was no exception. It was really cool to train a with Andreh, I got some good little details out of rolling with him, that I will take home and work on.

After training, we went to Venice Beach, where we rented bicycles and drove around a bit. Then we met up with Rigan, who took us to a party in Hollywood and then out for some great Brazilian food. I also got a chance to check out his gym, which looks really cool.

I really want to train more with all of these guys here in L.A., maybe I'll look into flying back to New York a little later, so I get some more days here for training :)

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