Thursday, August 30, 2007

The flipover guardpass/mount move

I have made a tutorial on the front flip guardpass by request from Halph in my little commentbox here on the blog (hope you find it usefull :)). It is a pretty simple (yet flashy!) move, that I use very often when I roll. You can see me pull it off several times in the 969 flighthours sparring clip (1:42, 3:13, 5:14, 7:50, 17:00 and 24:36) I posted a few months ago. Even though it doesn't look very basic, it is a very solid move for me and I consider it - and variations of it - a part of my a-game.

I do it most of the times directly from a takedown. The example I show in the video with the takedown sucks a bit, as I really need the opponent to sprawl on me to gain the momentum for the move, but you get the idea.

The most important detail needed to be successful with this move is understanding the correct weight placement. I need to keep my weight on my opponent at all times, both to keep him from moving me but also to make my leg-movement lighter and faster. Check out the small video on weight placement first, if you have not seen it yet.

Next tutorial coming up: Baseball Choke a la Graugardo.


Unknown said...

Awesome, dude! Been experimenting with that flip since I started seeing you do it here, only I never noticed or thought to do that 2nd hop over into the mount. Thanks, gonna try that out tonight!

Christian Graugart said...

Thanks :) Looking forward to hear how it works for you. Remember to keep all your weight on the shoulder when you flip back to mount! :)

Anonymous said...

awesome detail, i've been getting caught on bottom like you show in the 2nd example, but i think the weight placement details are what i need. thanks so much. and good concept keeping knees away from body and filling the void. i'll keep working on it. also, look forward to training when you are in hollywood.