Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Weight placement principle

Here is a very very simple principle that I think can help people understand movement a little better in BJJ. It is one of those things that I have always done, but never thought about. The principle is simple:

Whenever I want to move one part of my body, I need to place my weight on another part.

That makes the part you are moving light, and thereby easier to control and move. I teach this to beginners from day one in my gym.

If you watch some of the very fluid moving grapplers like for instance Jacaré, you can see that every time they make a move that seems impossibly fast or fluid, they always have their weight placed on another part of their body than the one they are moving.

I make a few examples in the video, but there are really tons of situations where this apply. I encourage you to look at your own game and see if/where understanding this simple principle can improve your movement.

Next video coming up: The front flip guardpass.

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Unknown said...

Makes total sense. I've been grappling for about a year and this would have helped me out from day one. So simple but overlooked. Thanks!