Sunday, August 5, 2007

More outdoors Jiu Jitsu in the beautiful Copenhagen summer

Today, during the Cultural Harbour 2007 event we put out some mats on the Islands Brygge harbour in Copenhagen and rolled for about three hours. The weather was perfect and we got a lot of good sparring with many interested spectators walking by. It was a beautiful place to train and also a great opportunity to hand out some flyers for the gym.

I am going on vacation to Bulgaria soon, and I am gonna miss training a lot. It was great to get three hours of rolling today, especially after watching all the other guys fight yesterday without being able to participate :)

See all the photos from today here:


freestyle_jones said...

Rolling outdoors rocks!

miami air conditioning said...

Last year I Had a little work trip there and had the opportunity to go and watch some very good performances!!!

Unknown said...

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