Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Rehabbing like a boss, will roll tomorrow.

I've been really consistent with the rehab training for my back this time, doing it twice a day since I got the injury last friday. There is a great improvement, and I plan on trying to slowroll a little tomorrow. I'll probably start out by rolling with the kids and teens first, before I move on to the adults next week. It is such a privilege to have high level technical sparring partners in all ages and sizes to chose from, when I am injured :)

Was working on some technique for an hour today, and back didn't complain at all, so I am very pleased. I think my mental focus on fixing this injury has really made a difference to me. Instead of seeing the injury as an annoying thing keeping me from training, I have chosen to look it as a challenge. Like a competition, I am trying to win and I will work every day to improve whatever it takes to succeed. In some way, it has actually been exciting to try and fix myself. I must say I am a little surprised, that I feel this way about having an injury, but I will definitely keep this mindset for next time something happens. Makes it a little less boring to be sidelined from sparring.

Hopefully, I will have enough time to get up in gear before the European Open in Portugal in January. Just bought the plane ticket today!


Amanda Sears said...

A positive mindset is such an important thing, but many people often forget.
Good to hear you're back on track! :D

Anonymous said...

hope to see You in Portugal then :)

Lex said...

Great way to look at an injury: as just another opponent you have to beat (especially given that we are always banged up a bit).

Anonymous said...

What kind of things have you been doing for rehab? I feel like back injuries/problems are pretty common and would be interested in what kinds of things you do to heal up.
I use my foam roller a lot to help mine :)


Christian Graugart said...

Pretty good idea, I might do a little video of my rehab training today :)

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