Thursday, December 15, 2011

Back injury rehab exercises

Someone commented on one of my recent posts about my back injury, asking about what exercises I used for the rehab. Since my new handy GoPro camera is always at hand in the gym, I brought it downstairs to our CrossFit gym today and filmed my routine.

I tried to remember all the exercises, I have been doing since I got the injury, but probably missed one or two. In the video, I show all of them, but during the last few weeks, it has of course been a progression, starting with the easy ones, building up strength to be able to do the hard ones.

My back feels really good now, and I have started to roll again. Still only sparring with the 15-16 year old boys that don't have the weight to push my back too much, but they are giving me a serious run for my money.

Maybe you can use some of it too, maybe not. At least it is here for my own future reference, if I get back pain again :)


Anonymous said...

I would suggest that you pick up the book Core Performance by Mark Versteegen. I was very injured about a number of years ago (back, knees and shoulders). This book saved me! I know a number of people that have taken my advice and it really improved the quality of there training.

Just an observation as well. Be carefull about some of the exercises you where doing (specifically twisting exercises) many times these exercises will do alot of damage to your spine over time (on top of what bjj is probably already doing).


Anonymous said...

looks good christian..thanks for might want to try and do some of the prone (laying on your stomach) exercises on a stability ball if the adds another component of core stabilization

Anonymous said...

That someone was me! Haha, Thanks for responding. I really enjoy your blog.
Hope you continue to heal up well.


Kalle said...

What part of your back did you injure?

Tim said...

Nice work. I grimace everytime I see someone doing kipping pullups,terrible for the whole shoulder girdle!