Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Off to Scotland tomorrow

Still keeping the BJJ globetrotting going a bit, tomorrow, I am going on a little trip to Scotland for six days. I will be teaching in Aberdeen thursday and friday, competing in Glasgow saturday, then teaching again in Edinburgh on sunday.

I expect castles, kilts, beer, bagpipe music and just general medieval awesomeness every minute of the day.


Unknown said...

See you in glasgow man!

Anonymous said...

Are you going to SBG Aberdeen or Aberdeen martial arts group? The Jiu Jitsu instructor at AMAG, Peter, just got his black belt from Rey Diogo. Great group of guys.

Anonymous said...

We will defintiely see a castle or two and experience the cairngorm mountains.

See you soon

Kenny GCG [Granite City Grappling]

Anonymous said...

Awesome cycling trip today around the Ballater mountains of Loch Miche and Lochnagar enjoyed by all. Scotland is a beautiful country after all. Get out there and discover it - I'm glad we did :)

Kenny, the guys from GCG and CSA friends.

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