Tuesday, February 16, 2010

In Australia next three weeks :)

I have just arrived in Sydney, Australia and will travel around here and in Fiji for the next three weeks. Brought my cup and mouthpiece so hopefully I can drop by a gym somewhere for some grappling along the way. No real plans just yet for where to go when, but will be in Sydney and Brisbane for sure, so if any of you out there are training these places, let me know and I'll come by for some rolling! Didn't bring a gi though.


Chris said...

Good to see you visiting the greatest country on earth.

You probably won't be coming anywhere near where I live, but enjoy your time here anyway.

dkauaib said...

Hey ! If you come down to Melbourne,
please come down to train at the Carlson Gracie academy!! I would really like to train with you!

Ben Langford said...

If you find yourself in Canberra at any point please feel free to train with us at Elements Fitness - http://elementsfitnessact.com.au.

It'd be great to have you come by for a roll.

Alex said...

Hi buddy! I train at Sinosic Perosh in Sydney which is a Machado school based in Concord. We're a great club and I'm sure the guys there would be happy to have you along. Two blackbelt instructors and plenty of senior belts for you to pick on :)

Check out sinosicperosh.com.au

Tim said...

Hey Christian, here's a couple of really good places:

-Gracie Sydney

-Beston Gracie Newcastle

It would be a pleasure for you to come join us.

DirtyWhiteGi said...

you get some weird comments, if you ever make it up to Darwin let me know.

But a good place to find bjj/grappling clubs is www.infinitemma.com/forum

In Brisbane area there's www.garrabjj.com.au/

and Gold Coast... to name a few

Tim said...

TP GYM presents:

Antonio "Minotauro" Nogueira BJJ MMA SEMINAR

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- UFC Heavyweight Fighter
- Former UFC Heavyweight Champion
- Former PRIDE Heavyweight Champion
- The first and only fighter to have held championship titles in both PRIDE and UFC

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TP GYM - 4C/3 Captain Cook Drive, Caringbah NSW 2229

For more info & bookings call Alex Prates: 0407 204 382

Christian Graugart said...

Hey guys, thanks for your comments. I ended up in Fiji for the last two and a half week and I will only be in Sydney this sunday then flying back monday. If anyone trains in Sydney sunday then I'll drop by, let me know!!

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