Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Crossface alternative when opponent gets on his side

Here is something I use all the time, when I am either passing the guard or in sidecontrol, and my opponent manages to get on to his side to escape. It is a little thing, but as always, little things often makes big differences in scrambles :)

In my head I always think of it as a three-step move to get him from his side to flat on his back. Roll him over -> build structure with leg -> underhook and get crossface.

Hope you can use it :)


Liam H Wandi said...

Excellent technique Christian. What I really REALLY like from there is (since you end up with a trapped near-side arm) is once you have shelved his near-side leg on your knee, you can thread that knee thru to the mat and put him in a nice pretzel.

This is not just because you want to hurt him, but because the way out of it is by him giving you the mount! and as long as you have his near-side arm trapped, he can't just roll away from you either.

Jason said...

I've never seen that way of gaining side control before. The twist can just about make some one tap even. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Узнал много. Спасибо

Anonymous said...

Nice technique Christian! I'll often use the legs as levers when the crossface is unavailable. You broke it down in far greater detail than I do though. I'm going to take a new look at this and see what I can root out from it. Thanks for sharing.

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