Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Rolling with kids (+ injury status and 2x seminars)

Aha! At last I see the light at the end of the tunnel for my back problems, I think! :) I've been really consistent with the rehab program, stretching for two hours a day and doing all my exercises as planned (Bonus: Getting crazy flexible!).

The pain in my leg and lower back has really gotten better and today, I did my first test of actual training, when I rolled two rounds with the lightest members of my gym. I think it went well, and the injury feels really good. Now it is back to next level of back training (a lot of core muscle training), then slowly build up the intensity of sparring over a longer period. I'll stick to rolling with the kids for the next few weeks at least. It is such a privilege to have talented, enthusiastic and cool boys like this to train with and I get a lot out of the sparring, even though they are 40 kilos lighter than me. Even with just four kids in a quiet summer class, I still enjoy it so much and is always having a good times with these boys on my team, who are like little brothers to me.

Apart from all the boring rehab training, I also did two seminars recently - one in Odense here in Denmark and one in Riga, Latvia. I enjoy teaching, but I hate to do it without being able to roll with people :(


Anonymous said...

Glad you're getting better!! You'll be good as new before you knot it

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