Thursday, June 7, 2012

Die, shoulder injury!

I know this blog is pretty fucking boring at the moment, since I am still injured and doesn't train at all. I'll still do a few posts for my own record, so I can keep track of my injury periods along the years.

I have been staying really strict with my disc injury rehab training, and I think it is starting to pay off. I am upping the intensity of the exercises and don't really feel any pain down my leg, so I guess that is a good sign.

My shoulder injury is still bugging me, and I was hoping for it to improve during this rest period rehabbing my back. Nothing has really happened, so today I got an ultrasound scan, revealing a "quite substantial inflammation", as the doctor said. No wonder, it has been hurting for ten months now (I wrote this post about taking care of my shoulder in FEBRUARY). Guess I'll remember to warm up before a hard surfing session next time. Anyways, I got a adrenal cortex hormone shot right into the shoulder, and that should hopefully fix it. It would be quite a luxury to be able to lift weights again soon, hasn't really been able to do it since before I left on my trip in February 2011 :(

Through out my career of training, many people have told me, that the injuries usually starts to show themselves when you pass 30. I turned 30 two months ago, and I actually haven't really trained since! I know injuries are a part of training for a living, but they never seem to be convenient, when they finally come around. 

It is really frustrating to just sit around on the mat everyday and watch the training without being able to join in. I have big plans of trying my luck against black belts in competition in the fall, and would like to start getting somehow in shape for that.

Good thing is, that I am spending every free minute of my day, doing the last editing on my book. It should be ready preeeetty soon :)



LazyLion said...

Hey Christian..

Fish oil is quite nice when you have inflammations. So if you are already taking it then up the dosis, and if not find a good quality brand and start taking it.

I can also recommend this exercise

Finally massage would be good, to increase the blood flow in the area, so the body can get rid of the inflammation.



Derek said...

LOLZ sorry but that last pic is pretty funny. you just sitting their, and with your gi on ! good lucky with the recovery.

massage wont do much, its not a superficial injury. might help for a few hours but thats a big problem. need some serious physio. try some theraband exercises.

Martial Arts Girls and Fight Videos said...

Sorry to hear about your injury, they are so frustrating. I am sitting out with my own injury. At least another 3 months till I can go back if I am lucky

Ronnie Brown said...

Have you ever tried tiger balm or namman muay thai boxing liniment? I use tiger balm pretty consistently to help me fall asleep at night, I have a slightly herniated disc in my cervical vertebrae and it causes a lot of tension & inflammation in my neck/ trrapezius. The tiger balm is soothing & helps me relax into sleep. The other stuff, the liniment, I haven't tried, but have read good reviews about it.



Unknown said...

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