Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Off to -30°C in Moscow

Tomorrow morning, I am heading to Russia to teach a seminar in Moscow over the weekend. Apparently, it hits around -30° celsius at night at this time and -15° is the warmest it gets in the daytime. 

Definitely packing a thick gi for this trip! :)


AntMix said...

Hi. My name is Anton. I'm from Moscow, Russia. Thank you a lot that you didn't afraid of severe winter and visited our gym. It was unusual and awesome. Because you skill-sharing was very useful for us. We just enjoyed the training process. Last day of seminar was special. Because the features which you showed us was really cool and nobody had no idea about these. We are looking forward to your next visit. May be next winter or autumn for example. You are welcome.

Brendan said...

Bless you for training in that climate!

Christian Graugart said...

Hey Anton, great to hear from you :) Glad you liked the training! I will be back in August :) See you!

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