Friday, February 10, 2012

Great training with visitors today

Friday is my favorite training day of the week. I've always wanted to train with everyone, especially in the different gyms around Copenhagen and Denmark. The problem have been to find the time to go to other gyms, when I was in my own basically every day.

When I got home from my round the world trip, I decided it was time to really do something about it. Going to other gyms was too troublesome for me in my busy schedule, so I had to let people come to me instead. I used to teach a class every friday evening, but made a decision to change it into a two and a half hour open mat training, open for every one, no matter where they normally train.

It has been a really big succes, and every friday, we have lots of visitors coming from different gyms to roll together. Everyone enjoys it, and in two and a half hours, we get a lot of sparring done with different bodies, than we normally train with. The social aspect is also very important, as guys training in different gyms, get to know each other better. At the end of the day, we are all just grown ups, who like to wrestle, there is really nothing more to it.

I highly recommend running an open mat session like this, if you have a gym!

Today was a special training, since I had two visitors in the gym, who I met on my trip. Jonathan, my sponsor and travel-partner from Kauai Kimonos, is here for a week, and Billy, a very talented young guy I trained with in the Dominican Republic dropped in for a one-day training. It was great to see them again, and we had some really good rounds of sparring.

In the weekend, I am taking 41 guys from the team to a competition here in Denmark - excited to coach and see them all have some good experiences :)


Brendan said...

Love that tatami gi! How do you like it?

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