Monday, July 30, 2007

First 50 flighthours done, 950 to go! :)

I have today reached the first 50 flighthour mark of my 1000 flighthour project. It has taken me five months to get here, which means that I get about 10 full hours of rolling time a month. I want that number to be a significantly higher in the future, but it is difficult to have time for it all :) With this pace I will be done with the project in in 100 months, which is equivalent to 8,33 years. I was hoping that it could be a little faster than that! LOL

Training is going really really great. I feel I am improving for every hour of training and I can definately see that I have improved in every area of my game over the last 50 flighthours. I have especially been working on my wrestling game of clinch and takedowns.

Lately I have gotten a big interest in the takedowns and setups from Freestyle Wrestling. Ken's classes started the interest and now I am reading books and watching instructionals to learn more. Wrestling is a complex game when you start to understand it, just as Jiu Jitsu is. That, combined with that we have no real tradition for Wrestling here in Scandinavia (Greco is a very small sport here and Freestyle virtually does not exist), makes it feel like I am exploring all new territory, which is super cool.

You often hear that a persons ability to fight on his feet are only as good as his ability to keep the fight on his feet. The same must be true the other way around. My ability to fight on the ground is only as good as my ability to take the fight to the ground.

I find that the big difference between Wrestling and Jiu Jitsu, is that you can never really rest when clinching. There are no positions, where you can just hold your opponent for a moment, whilst you take your time to breathe and relax. It is all about attacking and exploding all the time, which transcents really well with my little project of developing a more agressive game.

Today and yesterday, I have done around 2 hours of clinch and takedown sparring only and I am really starting to hit those moves again and again under full resistance. Awesome!

Here is a video that Ken have put together with some wrestling for zhoozhitzu (yes I know, I need to make my own LOL):

On another (BJJ-)note, I have a ton of material that I want to share on this blog, but my videocamera is no longer with me, which makes it a little difficult. I can use Ken's though, but that takes planning ;) But anyway, you can expect some new material from me here real soon, so keep checking back :)

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