Saturday, June 2, 2007

Rolling, rolling, rolling... now with video! :)

I just read Aesopian's latest post on his blog, How much do you really need, and found that I have come to the same point in my training at the moment.

I have really not been working on a lot of new stuff the last two months or so, but instead my focus has been on getting to roll as much as possible and refining / getting a deeper understanding of what I already know and do.

That is the main reason, why I have not posted much in here lately. I simply have not been working on coming up with a lot of new stuff to "show", but just putting my focus in getting as many flighthours as possible. And I have gotten quite a few.

Funny enough, all this rolling and investegating what I already know have led me to some pretty cool stuff, that I want to share here when I get the time to shoot some video of it. Here is what have been my focus lately when rolling:
  • Baseball choke, setups and variations
  • Front flip for guardpass and takedowns
  • Upper body weightplacement for faster and smoother leg movement
  • D'arce choke from sidecontrol bottom
  • Finishing the single / low single
  • Headtriangle setup for stiffarm escape
  • Flying triangle guardpass

I hope to cover all of these subjects here in the blog in the near future, but for now I really just want to roll, roll, roll and roll some more :)

So instead of posting some new fancy tutorial here, I have shot a little video of myself doing some light sparring in the gym. My training partners vary from white through purple belts and MMA fighters to kids, beginners and weightlifters. My MMA is getting pretty sloppy and I don't train it very often, but I did some sparring lately as some of the guys were fighting so I threw it in there on the video as well. It is pretty long (30+ minutes) and I don't expect you to watch it all, I really mostly put it up here so I can track my own progression in my game along the way :)

I will try to make many more of these videos as I slowly progress through project 1000 flighthours. 969 hours left!!


Thomas J said...

Hej Graugard.
Fed video du har lavet. Den gav lidt inspiration til et par nye moves.

-Thomas J

Anonymous said...

How are you able to use the D'arce to choke them so easiy from underneath side-control? I can only hold them their, I can't tap anyone with it.

Guarden said...

Hey Graugart.
Fik link af Dan.
Super fedt med videoklip, og gennemgang af forskellige teknikker :-D

Anonymous said...

Hi Graugard,

I really like a lot of the techniques you use, specifically the flip-over guard pass, quite an eye-opener! Im looking forward to using it on the mat. I also like the takedowns. Unfortunately, my grappling/mma teacher thinks our mats are too thin. He wont let us grapple standing up! Perhaps I should come and visit Copenhagen's Jiujitsu Graugardo sometime to work on my (takedown) skills and learn new techniques!

Greetings from the Netherlands!