Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Leaving the SBG

I tried to post this on the SBG members and forum, but it got deleted, so i'll post it here instead in hope of reaching out to as many of my friends in the organization as possible :)


Dear friends

As some of you may have heard, I have been asked by Matt to leave the SBG. It would not make sense to start a discussion about why here, nor beginning to list or explain reasons. To make a long story short, me and Matt have had some cooporational and financial issues to deal with over the last approx. 6 months and still going.

Throughout the years, I have met so many cool and fantastic people through the SBG. A lot of them have become very good and close friends of mine, and I wouldn't leave them for the world. The fact that I no longer have an SBG logo on the door to my gym won't change a thing. I will still travel, meet, train, share and hang out with as many of you as I can. I will keep training, teaching and exploring the beautiful sports of BJJ and MMA together with my training partners, students and friends in my own gym, city and around the world. I have many projects going on with grappling tournaments, mma tournaments, teaching, seminars and other events, so don't worry that I am gonna be bored ;)

I am planning to keep my acceptance of my invitation to come to the SBG Euro camp in Sweden together with my friend Ken Allen to teach and train, so if you are coming, I will see you there.

Needless to say, anyone who would ever want to come and train in our gym in beautiful Copenhagen are ofcourse always welcome, regardless. Come see my country any day, there is always room on my couch and in my gym for anyone who feels like stopping by.

If anyone should have an interest in hearing my side of this story in more specific details, you are always welcome to email/call/msn/travel to me and hear all of it. I have nothing to hide, but it would be pointless to write it all here :)

Best regards and with all the best wishes for the future to all of you,

Christian "Using No Way As Way" Graugart
CSA Copenhagen -o-


Paul said...

I don't know the history, but it seems like a loss for sbg. I hope to see you on the mat one day.

Anonymous said...

Hey Graugardo

Jeg kender ikke baggrunden for konflikten, men SBG mister et stort aktiv i dig.
Jeg kan ikke lige umiddelbart komme på nogen, der gør så meget for kampsport i Danmark som dig.

Respect is burning!