Thursday, March 29, 2007

A change of style

I have taken a decision to change my style of grappling. For many years, I have played a really lazy game that was mostly build on waiting, relaxing and waiting for my opponent to make mistakes that I could take advantage of. Great style for me, because it is highly technical and doesn't demand too much of endurance or strength to be effective. However, now when many of my training partners get really good and start to match me technically plus get to know my game, they rarely make mistakes for me to exploit anymore. So if I have a day where I relax a little too much, I can get completely run over by some of these guys. And that is a beautiful thing, because it has led me to the decision, that I will try to change my style for a while.

Instead of the lazy game, I will try to be more aggresive in attacking and setting up my opponent to my advantage. I don't want to lay still and wait, but instead I will try to attack again and again, constantly putting pressure on my training partners.

I have been playing this game for about a week and a half now and it is doing a big difference. Ofcourse, I do it mostly with people who challenge me technically or athletically - beginners I still go nice and slow with, no idea in just smashing them :D

One thing I have realized though, is how much tougher this game is for my body. I am SO sore after training now. Probably also because I have had a month off training, but training with this intensity really burns me out. I need more sleep and more+better food to play this game. It is hard, but also a lot of fun. For instance, this attacking game has led me to experiment with the flying triangle guard pass. Really takes some commitment to do it, but it is awesome when it works. Caught it five times in sparring last week, VERY NIAAAICE!!

Project 1000 flighthours down by two hours this week :)

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Unknown said...

haha kinda funny you should make this poist, because this is EXACTLY what 've been working on the past few weeks. I have a competition coming up and this was the #1 point my coach brought up with me.

What really helps me is having the coach screaming at me the entire roll that i need to stop waiting and go to work. This also kind of requires you stop being too "nice" and not worry about flow too much. You need to be a bully and throw your weight around aggressively in competitions, and if you never train that way you'll never compete that way.