Sunday, February 25, 2007

Swollen knee :(

I have wanted to shoot some tutorials lately, but unfortunately I have spent a lot of my time in hospitals lately to have my knee checked. About a week ago it started to swell up and get really big. First, the doctors thought it might be an infection, then later when my leg started to swell, they thought I might have a blood clot in it. So I have been checked in every possible way and fortunately, it was only an irritation due to too many bumps on the mat. It's the penetration steps fault I guess :)

So I am out of the game for 4-6 weeks, which SUCKS. I can only do some weight training and I will still teach some classes in the gym. But I can't really show any techniques or roll :(

And if that wasn't enough, it has started to snow a lot here, it is difficult to get anywhere. So I am just lying in doors with a bad knee and can't do much really. I can only dream myself back to my wonderful vacation in the Philippines back in December....

I promise to post some cool stuff here again as soon as I can use my knee just a little :)


Anonymous said...

Feel better, man.

Quick question: What's the best time of year to go to Copenhagen? I was planning to go in March, but I'm a bit worried about the snow and cold.


Christian Graugart said...

March is traditionally pretty cold and lots of rain, but you could be lucky (last year was the warmest in 10.000 years).

Best time is june-august definately. It is so awesome here at that time. Any other time usually sucks :-D

Anonymous said...

How about end of November/early December? Is Copenhagen really cold then? And is it easy to get around Copenhagen on foot? Thanks again.

Nicolas said...

@ JD: November and December is usually pretty cold and "wintery". You should really think about going to Denmark in june/july :-)