Saturday, February 10, 2007

It is just a giant videogame

This is a quite posted by Leo Kirby from Florida on the subject of internet discussions. I think it is a great little piece, that everyone can benefit from reading now and then. Just as a reminder on what we are actually doing here.


Everyone knows this is just a game...right?

To steal a thought from a friend of mind who posts here occasionally, do you think there are badmitton forums where people get pissed off at each other and debate technique vs. concept, live drills vs. dead patterns?

What is it about the Martial Arts that makes all this so serious? Our lack of ego?

If I post questions that I have about the way we do things it doesn't mean we do not have a lot of great people all over the world, some of them I have met and some I haven't. It doesn't mean we don't have a few dicks out there either. In short, we are pretty much like everyone else in that regard. Shouldn't upset anyone that i say it though. I'm not sure where that comes from.

Maybe in our haste to supress our egos and create a playful enviornment where we can all develope our own games in the spirit of fun we have become a little sensitive to criticism from both inside and out.

But in the end we are adults rolling around on the ground with other adults. We are adults sitting behind our little screens typing out thoughts and ideas and opinions. That is all it is. That is all it ever will be. There is really nothing here for anyone to get pissed off at. It is just a giant videogame.

Photo by Nicolas Dalby.

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