Sunday, June 9, 2013

The BJJ world lost a friend today

Jiu Jitsu is such a fantastic engine to live life, travel and meet great people. Everywhere I have gone in the world, I have made great friends, that I hope to keep for the rest of my time. Unfortunately, today I lost one of them, long before I had hoped, I would.

When I first came to Moldova, I met this young, enthusiastic guy who was always wearing a big smile and a camera pointed towards me whenever I was teaching. It was obvious, that he immediately had found a strong passion for learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and he sucked in every drop of information, he could get about it. Hard working, dedicated and most important of all, he was always laughing and having fun at every single training session.

Him and his wife came to visit Denmark last winter, where he trained with us every day and he even competed at a local tournament. Every time I have been in Moldova, we had tough rolls and I could see in his eyes, how he constantly puzzled his mind, trying to figure out how to beat me with technique. I was very sad to hear, that he couldn't make it to this year's summercamp, since I had been looking forward to have the honour of promoting him to his well deserved blue belt. Something I know would mean the world to him.

He never made it there, since he was killed in a terrible car crash this morning while driving home from a no-gi competition in Ukraine with a hard earned silver medal in his pocket.

Igor will be yet another a reminder to me about, how any person out there in the world could impact me, no matter how short time we have together. How any stranger I pass by on the street, could change my life. How we are indeed all one.

I had hoped to know this guy and his smile for ages, but will have to do with the memories for this one. Life can change any second. His, your's and mine. Make the best out of it.

(I am rolling with Igor from 4:08)


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very well said Christian...

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