Friday, January 4, 2013

Is competing in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu bad for you?

The Christmas and New Years craze is over, my body feels quite ok (the definition of "ok" these days is a bit low, though :D) and I have managed to actually train a bit. My knee hurts pretty bad in every sparring session, but I am all in on the rehab and when I wake up in the morning after having trained, it feels alright. I've managed to do a handful of good sessions this week already, both rolling and physical training, and it feels great to be a bit up in gear.

I can't stop being fascinated by, how competition again and again proves to be so healthy for me. As I talked a bit about in my book, the whole win/lose thing doesn't do much for me, but there are so many other things that makes it a good thing. Ultimately, I have concluded, that there is not a single aspect of competition, that is not healthy for my mind or my body. 

 It is so evident these days, leading up to the big one in Portugal in three weeks:
  • I eat much healthier and drink nothing but water 
  • I make sure I get lots of rest and sleep
  • I try to train as much as possible and push myself at every session
  • I am more focused on my strength and conditioning training
  • I am eager to perfect my game and close the holes in it
  • I challenge my ego—the inevitable doubts about myself, that are being produced in my head—face to face
  • I throw myself out into deep water, mentally and physically, to grow in confidence 
  • I inspire those I train with and teach 

That's what happens to me, when I sign up for a competition. So even though, I really don't enjoy competing per se, it is obvious, how that very thing sharpens my mind and body.

And that is why I have realised, there is no way, I can go through this life, trying to shape myself as the strongest, healthiest, happiest person I can possibly be, without that. Being a competitor.


bjjcaveman said...

Great post! Seriously making me think about jumping into competition!

Ze Grapplez said...

someone pass this along to Rener and Ryron

Unknown said...

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