Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Open training camp in my gym, November 5-11 :)

For anyone interested, we are doing a training camp in my gym in Copenhagen, Denmark on November 5-11. Everyone is welcome, regardless of affiliation, team, nationality, gender or experience. I met so much hospitality out in the world on my round the world trip, so now it is time to pay some of it back :)

I think we have a pretty good line up with instructors and it will be one hell of an action packed week for everyone.

Check out for more information or sign up on the Facebook event.


Anonymous said...

LOL @ Royce Gracie being just a "UFC Veteran"! ;) The man is a legend!

Bobby and Amanda said...

If anybody asks you where you got your blue belt, just grin and tell them, "Royce Gracie gave it to me".