Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Comeback fail :-/

So, I slowly started to train again, and things went pretty well, until two days ago, when I got a bit too eager, forgot to be careful and had a training, that was a bit too hard. Since yesterday, I have had some really bad tingling in my leg, almost reaching the level of being painful.

Unfortunately, it looks like I am sidetracked again for a while. It could be weeks or months, I have no idea and it really fucking sucks.

Not much to write on on the blog at the moment, since nothing is really happening. I am just waiting to get better. I (obviously) finally decided to skip the competition this weekend, and is instead aiming for my black belt debut sometime in the fall.

Only things of interest lately is, that my kids team won basically everything in a small competition last weekend, and I promoted a girl to blue belt :)

Anyways, I'll be posting about this upcoming tournament in the weekend, where I am bringing a team of 40 people to compete :)


Jerome - hull 270 said...

Hi Christian, sorry to jump in but İ have been following your blog lately and İ love your slow roll approach. İ have just started BJJ a few months ago with Ertan in İstanbul.
The problem you mention on your leg really seems to me like herniated disc. And İ unfortunately have a lot of experience on that in my life ! All were very succesfully treated with RPG (Reeducaçao Postural Global)İts quite famous in Brazil and you can probably find similar treatment in your country.
Best healing to you

Christian Graugart said...

Yes, I got a herniated disc about six years ago :-/

Thanks for the tip, I will look into that!!

Also, please say hi to Ertan from me :)

Liam H Wandi said...

Sorry to hear about your back dude. Who knows, this might be a blessing in disguise? I bet you in 5-6 months time you will give us the fruit of this time (hint hint you now have more typing time :) )

LazyLion said...

Hey Christian

Sorry to hear about your back problem. I have a degenerated disc in the neck. I did all sort of exercises to strengthen my neck, but what helped me the most was inversion therapy. I bought a Yoga swing, and spend 5 min a day hanging upside down, and my neck is getting better and better. You can check it here.



Christian Graugart said...

Lasse >> Thanks for the tip, I tried to hang upside down in our gymnastics rings in the gym today, and don't know if it is placebo or what, but I actually feel a difference tonight.

Jerome - hull 270 said...

that inversion therapy could help because it will bring some space back between the vertebras that are squezzing the herniated disc. İn the long run, what you have to do is recreate those spaces along your full spinal chord and then strengthen muscles along that new path to maintain that equilibrium. A crazy stuff about RPG is that you come to understand how every muscle are related to each other. To avoid feeling pain and discomfort in that area, your body has probably started to adapt by changing posture without you even noticing. So you might end up with a new pain in the knee that is actually related to slight changes in your overall posture promoted by your body in order to relieve that herniated disc. RPG will help find the root cause and correct it. A long time ago İ got 1 herniated disk (L4-L5), got surgery, did not solve anything and actually resulted in a second hernia herniated disks(L5-S1) ,could barely move, could not bare the pain, started RPG, felt İ was literally walking on clouds after each session, got back to surfing within 6 months !!! .Never ever felt the same pain again. A small miracle :)

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