Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A (boring) update

I haven't been writing much here lately, mostly because, there haven't been much to write about. I am spending most of my time, writing my book "The BJJ Globetrotter". I have hit more than one million characters now, and can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Only a few big chapters left, then it is time to try and put everything together.

 At the training camp in Sweden, where I got my black belt, I ignored some signals from my body, that I was about to put too much stress on my back injury. Unfortunately, I have been paying the price since, with pain down my leg. In the first few weeks, I ignored it, but it didn't get better, and a week ago, I made the decision to stop training, until it is gone. I hate watching other people spar without being able to join, but I have to be sensible about this. So at the moment, I am doing nothing but teaching and doing my back exercises.

There is a competition coming up in one month, which I really hope I can be ready for. My preparations will suck, but I am eager to step on the mat anyways, especially in the black belt division. I have set myself a low goal of scoring two points against a black belt before the year is over, so I better get started :)

Saturday, I am going to Oslo in Norway to teach a seminar over the weekend. I am looking forward to a short trip there. It is very close, but I have never been there before. Also, I am planning a trip to Moscow again in a month. So a few trips are on the drawing board at least :)

The last few weeks, I've had some visitors to my gym as well, something I always enjoy. A purple belt from Israel and a white belt from Bulgaria dropped by for some training. It is great to have so many people with different style visit us, that my guys can spar with. It is like reverse traveling :) If you are ever near Copenhagen, make sure to come by!


Liam H Wandi said...

dude is it just me or does the purple belt from Israel look just like the guy who won your division at the Europeans ;pppp

BJJ Training and Tournaments said...

What kind of back injury do you have? I am currently out with a herniated disk. Can't train for another 5 months.

Christian Graugart said...

Haha, naah although they were both eastern european, I wouldn't say they look much alike ;)

It is a herniated disc I got six years ago.

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